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Reliance Microsystems Incorporated specializes in developing Internet technologies to improve your business processes. We combine our networking and programming expertise with your knowledge to develop solutions that make you more effective, increase your productivity and save you money. We are a Metro-Detroit based consulting company founded in 1991. Please contact us for a solution or call us directly at 248.486.5419.

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RelMicro stops taking on new business...
(Tuesday, January 01, 2002)
Reliance Microsystems has changed the focus of its resources to assist in the growth of its sister company, Reliance Software Systems (RelWare) and development of its flagship product CDR-Web.

RelWare is a healthcare web-application development company. CDR-Web is a 100% web-based medical record, providing access to patient demographics, labs, reports, and Rx information as well as safe prescription writing to hospitals and their physicians and clinicians. For more information about Reliance Software Systems or CDR-Web, please check out their respective web-sites.

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Friday, July 26, 2002

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